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Discord Clyde

Clyde is an AI-powered chatbot created to help people hang out on Discord, using OpenAI technology.

About Discord Clyde

Discord offers users many ways to enhance their conversations with friends. From creating, brainstorming, and making memes together to gathering informative and entertaining content, there are countless possibilities. With over 30 million people already using AI apps on Discord, Midjourney's server is the largest with more than 13 million members.

Clyde is the newest addition to Discord, bringing the OpenAI technology platform to the table. With Clyde, users can ask questions, have extended conversations, and even have him start a thread for a group of friends to chat. Clyde is always ready to recommend playlists, GIFs and emojis, just like any other Discord user.

The chatbot is meant to be a private and optional-only feature and OpenAI will not be able to access Discord user data for any of its training models. Clyde will be available in a limited number of servers for Discord Alpha users during a public experiment, free of charge.


Discord Clyde screenshots

Discord Clyde - screen 1
Discord Clyde - screen 2
Discord Clyde - screen 3
Discord Clyde - screen 4
Discord Clyde - screen 5

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