GPT-3 Stock Trading Bot

Trade Stocks with Node.js, Alpaca, and GPT-3

About GPT-3 Stock Trading Bot

In this guide, you'll learn how to create a fully automated stock trading system using JavaScript code, Alpaca and GPT-3. This system is capable of performing real stock trades, without the need for human input or supervision.

Alpaca provides an API that allows you to connect your stock trading system to the stock market. It also allows you to access market data and execute trades. With Alpaca, you can create an algorithm that can make decisions based on the data it receives from the stock market.

GPT-3 is a natural language processing (NLP) algorithm that can be used to generate trading strategies. By analyzing large amounts of historical trading data, GPT-3 can generate trading strategies that may be more profitable than traditional methods.

Alpaca Trading API Algo Trading Explained


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