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Poe by Quora

Poe lets you ask questions, get instant answers, and have back-and-forth dialogue with AI.

About Poe by Quora

Short for “Platform for Open Exploration,” Poe — which is invite-only and currently only available on iOS — is “designed to be a place where people can easily interact with a number of different AI agents,”

Poe, then, isn’t an attempt to build a ChatGPT-like AI model from scratch. ChatGPT — which has an aptitude for answering questions on topics ranging from poetry to coding — has been the subject of controversy for its ability to sometimes give answers that sound convincing but aren’t factually true. Earlier this month, Q&A coding site Stack Overflow temporarily banned users from sharing content generated by ChatGPT, saying the AI made it too easy for users to generate responses and flood the site with dubious answers.

At launch, Poe provides access to several text-generating AI models, including ChatGPT. (OpenAI doesn’t presently offer a public API for ChatGPT; the Quora spokesperson refused to say whether Quora has a partnership with OpenAI for Poe or another form of early access.) Poe’s like a text messaging app, but for AI models — users can chat with the models separately. Within the chat interface, Poe provides a range of different suggestions for conversation topics and use cases, like “writing help,” “cooking,” “problem solving” and “nature.”

Quora has incorporated OpenAI GPT-4 and Claude-v1.2 into their new app, Poe. Subscribers to Poe can receive 300 GPT-4 and 1,000 Claude+ messages monthly before encountering limits with messaging speed, bot availability, and quality.

The AI on Poe is currently powered by models from OpenAI and Anthropic. However, they foresee a large number of models available in the near future.


Poe by Quora pricing

The subscription service sign-up is only available through the mobile app and costs $20 a month, with a discounted yearly fee of $200.

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